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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to have my Volvo serviced at the dealer to keep my warranty valid?

A. No. You must maintain your Volvo as outlined in your Volvo maintenance booklet to keep your warranty valid. We perform the services, stamp your book and provide an itemized receipt for this purpose, exactly as required.

Q. Why should I service my Volvo when it doesn’t need it?

A. Car manufacturers have spent millions of dollars studying the life expectancy of the parts in their vehicles. This is how they determine their warranty coverage. If they recommend replacing a part at a specific mileage, they have information to back it up.

Q. Why should I use a Volvo Oil Filter?

A. Volvo’s unique design uses a rubber check valve to keep the oil in the engine, not in the oil pan. Therefore, your engine has instant oil pressure on initial start up when most engine wear occurs. This is one reason for Volvo’s legendary engine longevity.

Q. What is a Scheduled Service?

A. For most Volvos, the major scheduled services are at 30,000 and 50,000 mile intervals. These services begin with a detailed inspection of your Volvo from front to back. We inspect battery and charging system, all fluid levels, brakes, steering, exhaust, tire pressure as well as road testing and resetting the service reminder light. We pay particular attention to the components below.

The 30,000 mile interval service also includes replacement of engine oil and filter, engine coolant, spark plugs, air filter, and valve adjustment if applicable. Additionally, at the 60,000 mile interval, fuel filter, flame trap, and transmission fluid are replaced. The 50,000 mile internal service also includes replacement of the engine timing belt, front engine seals and flame trap.

We can provide a schedule of service content (exactly as required by Volvo to maintain your new car warranty) and pricing for your specific Volvo on request.

Tech Tip
For our do-it yourself Volvo Owners, we recommend the Haynes brand workshop manuals — 240 and 740/760 editions ($20.00 or less at Pep Boys). For the serious do-it yourselfer, the Robert Bentley 240 repair manual ($49.00) goes into more detail with factory specifications, etc. These manuals are available from the Volvo Club Of America.


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